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User friendly interface

Bid group support to win only one item per group

Import your watched items from eBay

Option to set notifications for events like new bids on specified items

Built in tabbed web browser to browse eBay from within the software

Install on multiple PCs & no registration codes to enter

Why Choose the Standard Version

Auction Auto Bidder Standard is an advanced eBay auction sniping software with many features such as a built in tabbed web browser, favorites menu, bid group support, and much more. It can also work with your Auction Auto Bidder Online account if you have one so that bids can be placed while your computer is off (Online fees apply). Best of all, there's only a one time purchase price! Satisfaction guaranteed or your money back.

“Excellent program. Just saved $150 on my first use.”

“Best auction software out there (tried them all)”

“This is the best support I had of any computer program”

“Out of all the money I spent on eBay this is the best thing $ can buy”

“Awesome program! Already recovered triple what I paid!”

“VASTLY superior to anything else available”

“First reliable sniping software I finally bought. Just sniped a $367.09 auction!”

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