Terms of use

Keeping your private information secure is a top priority for Auction Auto Bidder. This website uses a secure connection (SSL) for sending login information and your details are stored in an encrypted format.

If you want to continue using the service for more than 3 bids per month after the free trial, you must manually pay for your usage in advance, you will never be charged automatically.

Fees are subject to change, any raise in fees will have at least a one week notice, fee reductions may be applied without notice.

Payments are accepted by PayPal only..

For grouped items, the system prioritizes accidentally winning no items over accidentally winning more than one. For example, if there has been any recent issues confirming that auctions are won, which is a very rare event, all grouped bids are cancelled until the issue is resolved to avoid multiple winnings in the same group. For this reason it is not recommended that important or rare items be grouped as the failure risk is higher.

The items and bids you submit may be viewed by the administrator to check for any problems and help resolve them.