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  • Supports bid groups and bids when your computer is off
Don't you hate it when you're the winning bidder on a rare item you really want on eBay but at the last second another bidder outbids you and you lose the item? Don't let this happen to you again! Auction Auto Bidder Online is an eBay auction sniper that automatically places your eBay bids just seconds before auctions end, keeping the price low while increasing your chances of winning. This eBay auction sniper is compatible with any system that has a web browser, including Macs and smart phones. An encrypted SSL connection is used to keep your username and password secure, passwords are always kept encrypted to ensure maximum security. Start eBay sniping with Auction Auto Bidder today!

The cost of using this auction sniper service is 1% of items you win (or only 0.5% with a $25 payment). High volume buyers can pay $12 per month or $75.00 per year for unlimited use!